Deja Exo is the original music of Steven Walsh.  He is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist and occasional bassist and percussionist.  His music could be most closely identified with alternative rock, but songs have elements of indie folk, soul, grunge and other genres.  His lyrics may reflect personal history or include more global social or political commentary, sometimes in the same song … and many lyrics have a surrealistic aspect.

Walsh’s primary instrument is his voice, with a range from baritone to high tenor.  The tones one may hear include powerful pure voice, rasps, bluesy slides, clear falsettos and whispers.  His vocal dynamics play major roles in most of his songs.  His guitar work may display beautiful chord sequences, or at times he may treat his acoustic guitar more like a percussion instrument.

Walsh is a native of Baltimore and is currently based in the New York City area.

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